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Get the best of both worlds, whether you want to enclose your patio during the winter

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Get the best of both worlds, whether you want to enclose your patio during the winter or just stop the wind blowing in summer by installing outdoor clear blinds. In just a few minutes you can enclose or open your outside area to suit your needs.


When in use, outdoor clear blinds create the appearance of another room in your house, especially when used in conjunction with an outdoor heater for winter warmth. When not in use, outdoor plastic blinds can be rolled-up until needed again, making them an ideal versatile solution.

For more information on outdoor plastic blinds or to discuss your special needs, just email or telephone and one of our friendly staff can meet with you for a free, no-obligation measure and quote.

Clear PVC Blinds

Plastic Patio Blinds

Plastic patio blinds allow you to enjoy the views of the outdoors while staying protected from the elements. Cafes with dining areas or homes that love entertaining outdoors can benefit from plastic patio blinds. Shade yourself with heat or shield from the wind with our outdoor plastic blinds all year long.

Outdoor PVC Blinds Melbourne

Clear tinted PVC retractable blinds are a perfect way to maximise the use of your patio, pergola, veranda, or balcony while maintaining your outdoor view. Outdoor clear blinds are perfect for preventing discomfort from the wind and rain that can be a problem all year round, so if you require heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds for your Melbourne home or business, you know who to talk to: Coolabah Shades.

Clear and tinted blinds are manufactured from UV stabilised PVC. These heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds are operated using a gearbox and crank handle. In some cases, these blinds can be motorised with a wall switch or remote-control operation.

For more information on our heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds, just email or telephone and one of our friendly staff can meet with you for a free no obligation measure and quote.

Give your outdoor living area security and shelter with our heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds. Whether you choose the crank-operated or motorised wall-unit, protecting your outdoor living area from the elements is only moments away. When you’re worried about wind, rain or harsh UV rays, our UV-stabilised, water-resistant heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds are the ultimate first line of defence.

Ideal for patios, outdoor decking or street side restaurant and café areas, the clear PVC outdoor plastic blinds are low-impact, energy saving alternatives to conventional outdoor heating. While offering the same, uninterrupted views as you’ve always had, the insulating PVC material retains heat. Essentially, offering an impermanent and highly flexible way of turning your outside area into a protected, indoor living zone, the clear PVC outdoor plastic blinds are an affordable way to save energy and use your outdoor area more often in the colder months. Used in conjunction with outdoor heating appliances, you can make use of your decking or patio area for entertaining in the middle of winter.

Contrary to popular myth and false advertising from alternative product manufacturers, cafe blinds installed and operated correctly do not bang around in the wind. Cafe blinds when secured and tensioned correctly offer a large clear uninterrupted view (free from framework) of the outside and roll up discreetly when not required.

Our heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds have a tinted option, which is a fantastic way to protect both your property and your skin from harsh UV rays during the warmer months. UV stabilized to be resistant to even the most direct sunlight, these tinted heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds are a sound investment for any property as a means of reducing fading and wood-damage to outdoor furniture and panelling. While still offering clear, unobstructed outdoor views, you can enjoy the lifestyle of outdoor summer living with the peace of mind that you are protect from sun damage. When it comes to heavy duty PVC outdoor blinds in Melbourne, only enlist the help of the experts at Coolabah Shades.

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