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Retractable Folding Arm Awning

Our custom shade solutions provide protection against harmful UV rays in summer and the harsh winter rain


Our custom shade solutions offer protection against harmful UV rays in summer and the harsh winter rain.

Folding Arm Awning

If it is shade that you want, then a retractable folding arm awning could be for you. With a retractable folding arm awning, you can change any outdoor terrace, patio, courtyard or decking into a cool shaded area, whether it is for entertaining, relaxing or used for protecting your home’s interior against the harsh sun.


Retractable Folding Arm Awning

The frame of our retractable folding arm awning comes in various models: the traditional open body unit, the semi-cassette, and the full cassette unit. With three standard colours to choose from, some units can also be powder coated to a colour of your choice. Frames can be as small as 2m wide and can span up to a massive 18m in width by joining profiles together. Various projections are available from a modest 1.6m up to a grand 4m projection.

The units can be controlled either manually or motorised. Retractable awnings with the manual system use a removable crank handle to extend and retract the awning. Motorised retractable awnings use a hidden away tubular motor inside the tube and the awning can be extended or retracted at the touch of a button. No matter which version of the retractable folding arm awning you get, ease-of-use is a guarantee.

Motorised Retractable Awnings

Motorised retractable awnings can be hard wired or remote controlled with optional extras like a wind and sun sensor, to automatically extend your awning when the sun shines and retract it when the wind picks up to prevent damage to the awning. For more versatility, the folding arm can also come with pitch adjusting arms or a variable valance to allow you to further control where and how you want your shade.

Although other fabrics can be used, they are usually acrylic. The acrylic folding arm awning comes in a wide variety of colours; the fabric is coated to make them waterproof and durable.

For more information or to discuss the exact requirements for your motorised retractable awnings or folding arm awning, you can send us an email or call up and one of our friendly staff can meet with you for a free, no-obligation measure and quote.


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