Addalong Platinum Plus

Addalong Platinum Plus is an innovation from Wax Converters Textiles (WCT) that sees Australian awning canvas blended with the scientific world of technical coatings.  This ensures you have a stylish canvas that’s designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Platinum Plus includes a supplementary silver-coloured formulation that incorporates natural thermal properties of the mineral Mica. This results in a very attractive and modern appearance while also offering extreme solar heat protection. The Addalong Platinum Plus range also includes the unique BIO-ULTRASHIELD Fabric Protective System, making this range the best performing awning canvas for colour vibrancy, heat resistance, and long -lasting brilliant appearance. Whether your customer chooses to have the silver side in or out, awnings made from Addalong Platinum Plus are sure to create a new modern feel for a building, as well as ensuring maximum solar heat protection, with the durability of Australian canvas.  Heat shield silver backing:       Dimensions: 220cm Wide, 50m roll Weight: 390 gsm Application: Outdoor awnings. Features & Benefits First awning  canvas collection  suitable for all types of awning  systems Canvas finished  with  WCT’s Bio-Ultrashield protective coating 100% made in Australia  (weaving & coating) 220cm width for less joins Provides extreme solar heat protection


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