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Sauleda VIP-FR PVC

Sauleda VIP-FR PVC

Sauleda VIP-FR PVC Manufactured in Spain, Sauleda’s specialised PVC range, VIP-FR is suitable for a variety of applications from blinds and awnings to shade sails, canopies and all types of light structures.

Backed with 5 years warranty, VIP-FR has superior strength and stability, enabling the fabric to maintain its shape and perform in demanding and frequent use. Sauleda marks its entire VIP-FR collection with the “S” mark in compliance with International Fire Retardant Guidelines, offering matchless UV resistance, colour fastness and stringent fire retardancy.

Sauleda VIP-FR PVC is also printable, providing limitless possibilities for almost any applications. With a diverse and contemporary mediterranean colour palette combined with proven longevity, VIP-FR will lead the market as the most reliable of tensile membrane textiles.

Sauleda VIP-FR PVC
Sauleda VIP-FR Range