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Polyfab Comshade Extra Shade Sails fabric

Polyfab Comshade Extra Shade Sail fabric

Protecting people just like you…
Up to 99.7% UV protection

Polyfab Comshade Extra Shade Sail fabric significantly exceeds any other shadecloth on the market for UV protection and strength to weight ratios. It is ideal for medium and large sized, high tensile commercial projects where safety and longevity are critical.

Comshade Xtra®: Tough under the sun

Comshade Xtra® has been developed using the very latest knitting and yarn technology to minimize the fabric weight whilst also maximizing the extremely high fabric tear and tensile strength. Comshade Xtra® provides a very stable stretch within the shadecloth. This results in a fabric that will maintain its tension and longevity when designed, engineered and installed correctly by an approved and certified builder.

Polyfab Comshade Extra Shade Sail fabric

Excessively heavy fabrics from competitors that do not match our weight to strength ratios only result in higher and unnecessary structural costs in order to hold the fabric up and to maintain the fabric under tension.

Some say it, we prove it

Comshade Xtra® complements our existing ranges of extra heavy duty knitted shadecloth. Our fabrics have been installed in thousands of projects worldwide and we have a proven reputation for outstanding quality and long lasting fabrics. We have a large number of shadecloth installations in both the domestic and commercial markets where the fabric has been successfully used for over twenty years and is still performing over and beyond our UV warranty expectations.

Our 15 year UV warranty is not just a marketing tool but is based on the fabric’s firm and proven performance.

Polyfab Comshade Extra Shade Sail fabric is Available in: 4 x 40m straight rolls
With a Nominal weight: 400gsm

Polyfab Comshade Extra Shade Sail fabric

Polyfab Comshade Extra Shade Sail fabric