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Monotec 370 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth

Monotec 370 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth


Monotec 370 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth by Pro-Knit Industries Pty Ltd are the leading manufacturer and supplier of 100% round monofilament commercial grade knitted shade cloths. From our modern manufacturing facility situated in Brisbane, Queensland, we produce arguably the highest quality premium knitted shade cloth products available in the world today.

Our popular Monotec 370 Series of heavy duty commercial grade shade cloth leads the field in strength, longevity and durability. It is the only locally manufactured shade cloth available in Australia.

Our range of Premium quality 100% round monofilament shade cloth fabrics are available in a choice of 3.25m and 6.5m widths.

Monotec 370 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth

Combining the highest quality UV stabilized raw materials, the latest knitting machine technology and in excess of combined 150 years experience, we only produce the very best shade cloth fabrics to cover every situation and requirement.

Monotec 370 Series is supported by an Industry leading 15 year-under tension warranty.

Monotec 370 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth has been specifically developed as an extremely strong and stable fabric for use in tension structures, shade sails and shade awnings. This range offers the perfect combination of sun protection together with strength and durability to guarantee that shade structures remain maintenance free and look as good as new for years longer than the rest.

Developed in Australia, Monotec 370 is 100% Australian owned and made. Monotec 370 is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials to ensure that the fabric is “engineered to outlast”.

Monotec 370 can be used in almost any situation where protection from the sun is required. When choosing a shade fabric for your next project, look no further than Monotec 370. There is no other choice. Monotec 370 is the best performing shade cloth under the sun.

Monotec 370 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth

Monotec 370 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth