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Automatic Arm Awning blinds

Automatic Arm Awning blinds

Automatic Arm Awning are a simple and economical solution to protect your windows from the harsh Australian sun and reduce the heat inside your home.
Found on countless Australian homes since the 1960’s, Automatic arm awnings are a tried and tested economical solution to your Sun problems
Originally made in a heavy Polycotton Canvas with stripes, Nowadays the blinds are also available in Plain Canvas colours and also in Shade Mesh with either a 94% or 99% UV blockout and with a wide variety of colours available. Shade mesh offer the best shade while still allowing a view of the outside and maintaining privacy from looking in


The simplicity of the arm operation has been one of the main reason the Auto-matic arm awning has been popular for so many decades.
The automatic locking mechanism on the arm allows the arm to lock onto the guide rail at any point maintaining the arm at the desired height.
When the blind is to be raised, the bend at the top of the guide rail allows for the arm to neatly fold up against the wall and the fabric to stow away under the protective pelmet hood.