Retractable Sun Blinds

Retractable Blinds have many benefits but their first impression is style that really dresses up your home. Retractable blinds are available in a wide variety of styles and operation, from a gearbox or motor operation to a sprung loaded top tube with a rope and pulley or a pull stick system. A motorised blind can also be fitted with a sensor or radio controlled. When fitting retractable blinds in an upstairs application, a rope and pulley system operated from the inside or a motorised option are available.

Retractable Shade

Imagine pushing a button or flipping a switch and watching as your exterior retractable blinds roll up and down to conveniently provide shade from the sun, privacy when you want it, or allow light to enter as you wish.
If the sun hits the glass it will transfer that heat into the house even if the inside curtains or blinds are closed, so preventing the sun’s rays from reaching the glass with external blinds is the best solution.

As well as the cooling effect, external blinds also protect the interior of you home from the sun’s harmful UV rays that damage curtains, furnishings and fade wooden flooring. External blinds also help reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, as cooling from your air conditioner will be minimal.

Retractable blinds are custom made and come in various designs, shapes & sizes. Components come in anodised, powdercoated or stainless steel arms and weather box. The arms come in different lengths that enable you to still use your windows. Add a range of different types of operation and a wide variety of fabrics and colours, there’s a retractable blind to suit any application.

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