Patio Shade

Either pleated with a rope and pulley or a retractable roller awning with gearbox or motorised operation, patio shades are a perfect way to extend your outdoor living areas, ideal for pergolas or enclosed patios, either above or underneath polycarbonate or glass roofing.

Pleated Patio Awnings run on a guide wire or track system that is easily extended or retracted by a rope and pulley and are designed to fold up under eaves.

The retractable roller awning also runs on a guide wire or track system, with the use of a crank handle the awning can be extended and clipped onto the outer rail, and when not in use the fabric can be retracted to roll up out of the way.

Patio Shades can be made in a variety of fabrics with the most popular being the shade mesh or waterproof PVC; if protection from the rain is a requirement.

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A stylish way to extend your outdoor living spaces, patio shades can also offer a wide range of benefits depending on what materials you choose for them. One of our most popular patio shades is made with shade mesh, a material that offers a clear view through it while cutting out excess glare or direct sunlight. Perfect for hot days when your patio space can become close to unbearable, shade mesh allows you to enjoy your natural light while reducing UV and overheating. Easily movable along the guide wire or track system, you’re in control of how much direct light hits each patio, and how much is cast in shade. An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fans or air conditioning systems, a patio shade is a smart investment for your outdoor settings.

Another popular material is waterproof PVC. If you’re looking to extend your alfresco space and are concerned about stormy weather or water damage, waterproofing is a fantastic solution. It can be used in any number of ways. The PVC material offers a way to dampen the sound of direct rainfall if you choose to set your Coolabah Patio Shade above traditional glass or polycarbonate roofing. It allows water to run off your outdoor area with no leaks, ideal for any areas with wood or cushioned furniture. And with its quality protected roller awning and retraction system, it stands the test of time against the elements.

A stylish way to add durability and protection on top of standard outdoor roofing, a patio shade is as fashionable as it is functional. During our obligation free measure and quote we can work with you to decide upon the location, material and look that best suits your house. Easy to use, quick to install and a way to increase your enjoyment of outdoor living, a Coolabah Patio Shade is a great investment in any home.